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A set line denoting the extremities of a country, government, legal jurisdiction or property. Borders for governments or jurisdictions are agreed between parties or set by a higher authority. Borders between properties are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new borders within his old property.


The perimeter of a property as fixed in the legal property description. Boundary line disputes are common,emotional,and often end up in years of litigation and sometimes mayhem.If one is buying property in a subdivision, it is advisable to have the seller locate and point out the markers at the corners of the property.These may or may not be consistent with fence lines, shrubberies, driveways, or even structures built on the wrong side of the boundary.If buying nonsubdivision property, employ the services of a licensed professional surveyor to determine the proper boundary.

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The School Attendance Boundary Information System (SABINS) is a spatial data infrastructure project that assembles and distributes kindergarten through 12th grade public attendance boundaries for thousands of school districts in the United States.
The interchange is within the boundaries of the Mojave Public Utilities District.
Property owners can often be very passionate about their boundaries and therefore careful and calm consideration should be given to determine the best way to resolve a dispute at the outset.
Robillard and Wilson address the tension between new surveying technology that makes redrawing boundaries more accurate, and long established legal traditions concerning boundaries.
The 13th century conquest of the area we now call Estonia by Germans and Danes brought about a major qualitative change in the development of local boundaries in the Estonian territory.
While it is critical for counselors to be keenly aware of the need to avoid dual relationships, I find it is also helpful to focus on the "crossing of boundaries.
Fenton's boundaries and our duty to colleagues in discussing boundary issues ("Dr.
Under "Dillon's rule," first formulated by the Iowa judge John Dillon in 1868, a state government could now abolish a municipality, redraw its boundaries, alter its taxing authority, and assign or withdraw public service responsibilities.
Some parents also spoke in favor of the change, saying it better aligns the middle school boundaries with high school boundaries.
Conflict with those who keep track of such boundaries is certain.
Therefore, unlike the health council districts, the LHIN areas cross municipal boundaries.
Looking at Challenging the Boundaries of Slavery as a whole, we have a remarkably illuminating study of the ecology of slavery: its boundaries of time and space reviewed so that what is understood is slavery in its terrains, economies, and confluences.