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Compared with the furosemide serum binding at a low molar ratio of oleate to albumin (comparable with that observed in resting healthy subjects), the binding of furosemide to serum protein was inhibited when four or more oleate molecules were bound to one albumin molecule.
After nine sickle-cell patients breathed a mixture of air and nitric oxide gas for 45 minutes and then gave blood samples, their abnormal hemoglobin bound to oxygen almost as tightly as normal hemoglobin does, the team first reported in the September 1997 JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION (SN: 9/20/97, p.
This in turn gives customers the confidence that their applications are not bound to a single vendor.
Ironically, even androgen mimics that are devoid of estrogen activity might feminize a male animal if they bound to an androgen receptor-and thus shut out natural androgens-yet failed to turn it on (SN: 1/22/94, p.
They determined the nucleotide sequences of the 39 kinds of RNA molecules that had bound to ATP.
Researchers at GSI have also observed for the first time an extremely unusual type of radioactive decay in which the electron (beta particle) produced by the decay of a "parent" nucleus stays bound to the newly created "daughter" nucleus instead of speeding off.
That advance was the ability to produce MHC-I molecules bound to identical peptides in sufficient quantity for X-ray studies.
But oddly, Kramer's team found that cells with the first, less metastatic integrin bound to laminin more tightly than those with the second, more metastatic integrin.