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The most vaunted of couturiers have always been bottom feeders when and where it counts, and today the work of fashion's most innovative photographers, as much as fashion itself, feeds on the culture of the club and street.
New terminology such as bottom feeders, vulture funds and white knights is indicative of real estate acquisitions have changed.
The 30-year-old rapper then ranted: "Your source is rubbish, none of our friends would speak a word to bottom feeders such as yourself.
Bryant has only missed two games this season, both back-to-back last month, and the Lakers spilt those games against West bottom feeders Phoenix and Sacramento.
Indeed, it has been four matches since Bedford last won on their own, sloping patch and they will be keen to get stuck into one of the division's bottom feeders.
Inevitably, all the big fish feed off the smaller, weaker inhabitants and leave the surviving bottom feeders fighting for the scraps while terrified to leave their safe havens.
The Tornadoes have made up considerable ground in the Can-Am League standings by beating up on the league's bottom feeders - Newark, Rockland and New York - during the last four weeks.
But quaggas will have done that job before the 20-pound bottom feeders can even get a toehold, he said.
They tend to be bottom feeders, so they will rarely take a pirk.
There's a lot of bottom feeders in this business, but I never felt that way about Jim,'' Zinn said.
Plan Nine published four books by King Features Syndicate and online comic creator Bill Holbrook: Surviving Y2K (an "On the Fastrack" collection), Bottom Feeders ("Safe Havens"), and Election Night Fever and Booth Bunnies ("Kevin & Kell").