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The Buffalo Don't Borrow Trouble campaign has a comprehensive educational program not only for consumers, but also for housing agencies and other professionals participating in the mortgage process.
It is through initiatives like the Don't Borrow Trouble program that we can help educate our communities to ensure they don't fall victim to these malicious ploys.
San Francisco Don't Borrow Trouble Campaign Members
Don't Borrow Trouble is a proven method to help stop predatory lending and to keep families in their homes, build wealth and strengthen communities.
The Connecticut Association of REALTORS(R) applauds the educational strategies being implemented through the Don't Borrow Trouble campaign that will help alleviate the growing problem of predatory lending," said Robert Fiorito, president, Connecticut Association of REALTORS(R), Inc.
Freddie Mac is excited about the launch of Reno's Don't Borrow Trouble campaign, and what it will mean for families throughout Northern Nevada who want to own a home and to keep owning a home," said Craig Nickerson, vice president of Expanding Markets for Freddie Mac.
The Don't Borrow Trouble Campaign will continue to move New Mexico forward in the fight against predatory lending," Lt.
In addition, Mayor Street and City Councilwoman Marian Tasco presented Freddie Mac with a resolution decreeing October as "Don't Borrow Trouble" month to focus more attention on the dangers of predatory lending and the success of Philadelphia's Don't Borrow Trouble program.
By working together through programs such as Don't Borrow Trouble, we can protect our citizens from lending practices that can ruin their personal credit and weaken our community," said A C Wharton, Jr.
The Don't Borrow Trouble Louisville Metro Coalition initiative will use brochures, mailings, billboards, public service announcements, transit ads and television commercials to better inform the public on financial issues.