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2 billion rise in outstanding National Government (NG) debt (net of the Bond Sinking Fund holdings).
4bn due to the agency's proactive cash and investment management as reflected in the Bond Sinking Fund (BSF) and national government deposits income, as well as dividends on shares of stocks.
Nasdaq: RLLY) announced today that the company has fulfilled its June 15, 1999 bond sinking fund requirements, with respect to the 9-7/8% Senior Notes due June 15, 2000.
Surplus tax revenues are deposited in a bond sinking fund, which had $6.
GG debt, which nets out intra-holdings of government securities including those held by the Bond Sinking Fund (BSF), went down amidst strong GDP performance and slower debt accumulation for Q2-Q4 2013, as part of the government s priorities on proactive liability management.
Sales tax collections in excess of debt service payments are deposited with the bond trustee into a bond sinking fund.
Debt service beyond fiscal 2006 has not been reduced as a result of the refunding as TSA is taking the savings up front to fund capital expenditures and will make a termination payment on an investment contract entered into in 2000 with Lehman Brothers with proceeds released from the series 1997 bond sinking fund.
Consolidated Public Sector Debt represents the total debt of the National Government (NG), Local Government Units (LGUs), the 14 Monitored Government Corporations (MNFGCs), the country s Social Security Institutions, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), and the three Government Financial Institutions (GFIs), net of the government s holdings of its own debt through the above-mentioned institutions and the Bond Sinking Fund (BSF).