boiler room

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Boiler room

Used to describe place or operation in which unscrupulous salespeople call and try to sell people speculative, even fraudulent securities.

Boiler Room

Informal; a place where workers make unsolicited telephone calls to completely unknown persons in an attempt to convince them to invest in a particular venture. Boiler rooms are controversial and some jurisdictions have put in place laws limiting their legitimate use. In any event, the term has a negative connotation; one often hears of boiler rooms in the context of shady and perhaps illegal investments.

boiler room

An area in a sales operation in which are located personnel who are engaged in contacting prospective buyers, usually by telephone, and in using high-pressure tactics to sell securities. These operations are associated with high commissions and unethical practices.

Boiler room.

A boiler room is a location used by con artists to contact potential victims out-of-the-blue -- an approach known as cold calling -- in an attempt to sell high-risk investments that may or may not be legitimate.

Boiler room scammers typically use high-pressure tactics to close an immediate sale and are unwilling to provide written information about either the investment they are pushing or themselves.

boiler room

A lead-generating system usually characterized by large groups of people working in cubicles making cold calls to consumers in order to gauge interest in real estate investments,insurance products, refinance offers, or any number of other products.The leads are then sold to professionals for follow-up. Sometimes,the boiler room operation also engages in high-pressure sales techniques, which has lead many states to pass legislation allowing a cooling off period within which to reject and void any contracts entered into as a result of such tactics.

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Friestad, associate director of the SEC's Enforcement Division, "The defendants allegedly used boiler rooms and high-pressure sales tactics to swindle seniors into investing their life savings in microcap securities they were secretly manipulating for their own profit.
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City of London Police Superintendent Bob Wishart said last month: "The people behind boiler rooms are heartless criminals, often exploiting elderly, vulnerable people by persuading them to buy worthless shares.
Tomorrow DI Geoff Smith will take a behind-the-scenes look at how a boiler room fraud works at an event hosted by the North East Fraud Forum.
According to the City of London Police, British investors are being tricked out of at least pounds 500 million a year by illegal boiler room share-pushers peddling virtually worthless stock.
Most important of all, a chimney automation systems eliminates spillage of carbon monoxide into the boiler room and neighbouring areas, thereby protecting the workforce from harm.
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NEW Boiler Room recruits are given specific instructions on how to entice unsuspecting share buyers.