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Board room

A room at a brokerage firm where its clients can watch an electronic board displaying stock prices and transactions. Also refers to the room where Board of Directors meetings take place.

Board Room

1. The room where the board of directors for any organization meets.

2. A room in a brokerage where clients and brokers can watch an electronic ticker where security prices are updated on a constant basis. See also: The Big Board.

board room

1. A room or section of a room in a brokerage office in which security prices are displayed.
2. The room in which a firm's board of directors meets.
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Women already occupy 6 percent of boardroom positions in Norway's preternaturally progressive system, compared to a European average of 2 percent.
Henry would sit in their corporate boardroom while we had a picket line outside.
However, a silver lining does exist: In the past 20 years, female representation on corporate boardrooms among major corporations has risen from 46 to 444 women today.