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1. In technical analysis, a situation in which the supply and demand for a security are largely the same. A line means that the security is unlikely to see any rapid fluctuation in price. It is called a line because, when plotted on a graph, it looks like a roughly horizontal line. Technical analysts look for signals that a line is ready to break one way or another before recommending that investors take a position on a security.

2. Informal; workers in a large, industrial company. They are called the line because, historically, they assembled the parts of a product while literally standing next to each other in a long line, also called an assembly line.


In technical analysis, a horizontal pattern on a price chart indicating a period during which supply and demand for a security are relatively equal. Technical analysts generally look for the price to break away from the line, at which time they are likely to take a position in the direction of the movement. See also making a line.
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The location of the long-abandoned hut is around 140 meters on the Israeli side of the Blue Line, meaning that the Israeli troops did not breach the U.
In order to make this system successful the presently approved alignment for BRT Blue Line which was from Tower to Bahria Town was now extended to the industrial area, general area Lucky Cement Factory.
Mr Ullah said the total cost of the blue line project was around pounds 650.
Lebanon has always expressed its respect for the Blue Line but always affirmed that the Blue Line is not the international border, and there are areas south of the Blue Line that are Lebanese territory," Tareq Mitri, the Lebanese information minister, said at a press conference in Beirut on Wednesday.
Others wait in anxious anticipation As the war creeps inexorably, closer and closer There will be no thin, red line to protect them From being enclosed by the thin, blue line.
Jav Ramzan, manager of Blue Line Taxis, said: "This is the first time I have been involved with a text messaging service, and it has really taken off well.
Solent Blue Line would forgo a pounds 40,000 annual licensing fee from Marchwood Buses but would gain operating efficiencies of pounds 200,000 through the merger.
Perhaps the most obvious connection is with Daniel Buren, whose own high-Conceptualist, career-long repetition of a precise, self-regulated stripe pattern closely mirrors Krasifiski's own unchanging application of the taped blue line (Krasinski had a number of professional involvements with Buren from 1970 on).
As LA Weekly points out, "For most of its 12-mile length, the [fully built] Blue Line would be the Barrio special, serving far more people of color than Anglos.
The Thin Blue Line is an intoxicating explosion of movement set to music by the Cocteau Twins.
Under the terms of the agreement Hat Trick will acquire the distribution services from Raw Dog, and will operate under the name Blue Line Distributing Inc.
Discussions centered on issues related to the implementation of UNIFIL's mandate under UN Security Council resolution 1701 (2006), air and ground violations, the situation along the Blue Line and its ongoing visible marking, as well as the issue of withdrawal of Israeli forces from northern Ghajar.