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Bill of lading

A contract between an exporter and a transportation company in which the latter agrees to transport the goods under specified conditions that limit its liability. It is the exporter's receipt for the goods as well as proof that goods have been or will be received.

Bill of Lading

A document in which a seller agrees to use a certain transportation to ship a good to a certain location. The bill of lading details the type, quality, and quantity of the good. It also serves as the receipt upon arrival at the destination.

bill of lading

a document used to ship internationally traded goods that gives the holder (the consignee) the right to take possession of the goods. The bill of lading gives details of the goods shipped, the identification marks and numbers on crates, etc., the name of the ship, ports of embarkation and destination, rate of freight, etc. Bills of lading are drawn up by shipowners, the original being sent to the consignee with copies being retained by the captain of the ship and the FREIGHT FORWARDER. See EXPORTING.
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The Second Circuit noted that the bills of lading in this case, while listing the number of live plants inside the containers, gave no indication whether or how the plants were packaged.
Information transmitted through the secure online system is encoded, instead of sending actual copies of bills of lading over the Internet, providing customers added peace of mind knowing that their shipment information is safe.
Elite was cited for failing to charge its applicable tariff rate, failing to participate in a dispute settlement program, failing to provide the required consumer information "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" and summary of its dispute settlement program, failing to relinquish possession of shipments upon payment of the original non-binding estimated price plus 10 percent, failing to prepare orders for service in the prescribed form and manner, failing to prepare bills of lading in the prescribed form and manner, failing to have a copy of all active agency agreements, and operating a charge card plan without a tariff provision.
According to company officials this newest enhancement will increase the speed and convenience of two other existing e-business functions -- the production of completed bills of lading in a PDF format and the population of the PDF documents with key shipping data collected from input screens.
It is designed to help eliminate purchase order number and shipment carton count errors sometimes attributed to the re-keying of data for paper bills of lading.
The Gateway allows both to place orders online, track shipments, download bills of lading and certificates of analysis, and also provides real time access to inventory levels and shipping information, which ensures a continuous supply of product.
For billing of loaded or empty railcars, the ShipperConnect e-BOL tool facilitates the origination of bills of lading that are submitted to the railroad in a standard EDI format.
First, customers can now order their pre-printed bills of lading by themselves on-line.
Special features include: arrange pickup of freight, tracking status with the option to receive e-mail alerts, instantly view proof of delivery documents, fill out shipping forms, get detailed rate quotes, interactive bills of lading and real-time view of invoice and remittance activity.
From inventory control and sales management to Certificates of Analysis and DOT compliant Bills of Lading, TakeStock for Chemical is designed to meet the complex requirements and strict government standards that face chemical distributors.
SST's patents and know-how "cover innovative and novel ways to print documents and methods to process documents, in which both covert and overt information is printed or otherwise available somewhere on the physical item such as product packaging, driver's license, bills of lading, checks, passports, car titles or virtually any printed media," said Green.