bill of sale

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Bill of Sale

A document a seller gives to a buyer stating that a sale occurred on a given date, at a given place, for a given amount of compensation. A bill of sale is a type of receipt and may be used as proof in court if there is a dispute. See also: Absolute bill of sale, Condition bill of sale.

bill of sale

A written instrument used to transfer ownership of personal property. Many buyers insist on a general bill of sale, in addition to a deed, to ensure that all property intended to pass in the sale actually does so.Some states have held that certain real estate-related interests are actually personal property,and attempted sales via deed were void.

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Besides the incomplete bill of sale and the dated deeds belonging to the residents of Willow Springs, we are offered yet another text--the genealogy of the Days.
The only ID this guy had on him was the bill of sale for his car, which wasn't the same as personal identification.
The dealer lost, because he signed a valid bill of sale that locked him into the original price.
If there isn't one, the stone should be graded by the GIA system and indicated on the bill of sale.
In February, a car salesman came to the prison so that du Pont could sign the bill of sale.