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1. In real estate, an increase in the value of a property because of an improvement near the property that makes it more desirable for potential buyers. For example, if a municipality builds a highway or a park near a house, this may result in betterment for the homeowner.

2. In accounting, an increase in the value of an asset because of some improvement that increases its efficiency or profitability.


An improvement to real estate.
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We've offered 401(k) options to employees since early stages in our company development and are excited to grow into a smarter offering from a respected and philosophically aligned innovator like Betterment.
Selectmen pursued special legislation that authorized the town to acquire dams within its boundaries and assess betterments to residents who benefit from the lake to recoup the project costs.
To determine whether the expenditures resulted in a betterment to the property, you must compare the condition of the property after the expenditure is made to the condition of the property immediately prior to the circumstances necessitating the expenditure.
Following the comprehensive nomination process, members of the Civic Betterment Sub-Committee conducted a site visit to one of HeartShare's four preschool programs for children with developmental disabilities and The HeartShare School for school-age children with autism in Brooklyn.
He added, "The MCD can impose betterment tax only if it develops some colony or improve its infrastructure.
Some critics say Beijing is behind the political marriage between the Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Progressive Alliance as it wants to create a counter force to the city's growing demand for democracy and political reforms.
Not only are the coaches given a chance to support a foundation devoted to the betterment of all football coaches, but are given a never-before available opportunity to personally honor a coach who has influenced their life.
This award honors an individual who has provided outstanding service and contribution toward the growth and betterment of PIMA.
It includes ten authors: for example, Elinor Lipper, a Belgian Communist who moved to the Soviet Union to work for the betterment of society, and was arrested as a counterrevolutionary in 1937 and released in 1948; John H.
The health and strength of the American economy require a vigorous labor movement working not just on behalf of a privileged few, but for the betterment of all.
To be a Humanist means to make choices: to seek the betterment of life for all or to look after one's short-term benefit; to stand up to ignorance and prejudice or look the other way; to fight oppression from bigots or forego intellectual freedom.
Edison was egotistical and conniving, while Tesla self-consciously strove for the betterment of mankind.