below par

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Below par

Less than the nominal or face value of a security.

Below Par

Describing a bond that is issued or sold at a price below its face value. For example, a bond with par of $10,000 might be issued to an investor for $7,000. All zero-coupon bonds are issued below par.

below par

Of or relating to a security that sells at less than face value or par value. For example, a $1,000 par bond with a market price of $850 is below par. Likewise, a $100 par preferred stock with a market price of $80 is below par. Fixed-income securities usually trade below par because market rates of interest are higher than they were when the securities were issued. Compare above par. See also discount bond.
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energy giant Enron, fell below par value when financial markets were rocked by the news that Enron was on the verge of collapse.
If everybody plays below par in this league you expect to lose games, but we got a point.
I don't think it is the players who should be blamed for the below par performance in the ongoing ODI series.
You get games like that when you drop a little below par when you expected to win.
Has a fine record on the track and, although below par last time, is fancied to give a good account.
Though a couple of players were below par against Sunderland, barring injuries, I would begin with the same 11.
Areas that suffered from litter the most were local shopping precincts and needy neighbourhoods - with around 70pc of these deemed below par.
have fallen below par value because the bonds issued by Enron have become worthless.
Eoin Griffin's eight-year-old finished third behind Inglis Drever and Kasbah Bliss last March but has been below par so far this season.
JohnHiggins coasted into the second round of the pounds 400,000 European Open at the expense of a below par Barry Pinches at the Hilton Conference Centre,Malta.