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Anything used for comparison. For example, a company that wishes to determine whether its profits are increasing or decreasing may compare them to a previous year's profits. In this case, the previous year's profits are considered the base line. A baseline is also called a base. See also: Benchmark, Base currency.


East-west lines in the public land survey system, part of the baseline and meridian line components. Each principal meridian has a baseline. Properties in the principal meridian's area are described by their bearing east or west of the meridian and north or south of the baseline.

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However, if energy recovery ventilation is included in the proposed design with a system over 2400 1/s (5,000 cfm) and 70% outside air or more, it must be included in the baseline as well, unless there are fume hoods meeting the fume hood requirements.
As a result, calculating the baseline and incremental levels is critical to comprehensive category planning and promotion evaluation.
The 3Com Baseline Plus PoE switch helps to dramatically reduce deployment and installation costs of wireless and IP telephony systems as it eliminates the need for supplying power at the physical location of the networked device, i.
During the baseline phase, the researcher identified three consistent errors the six subjects madein reading sounds and words.
Once the scope of work, SLAs and baseline financials have been accurately established, this information can be used to prepare a clear and concise request for proposal (RIEP).
personal efficacy) at addressing students with poor motivation and poor strategy use in contrast to baseline students.
The study volunteers were mostly Caucasian males with an average baseline CD4 T cell count of 372 cells/[mm.
Obviously, if the initial baseline audit indicates many problems within the facility, internal monitoring should be more frequent in the initial stages of the compliance plan, and could taper off if subsequent audits find improved compliance.
Once the Navy baseline database is built, the APML, through menu-driven user friendly screens, can use the model to conduct numerous analyses pertaining to each specific FMS application.
Points are classified as null (0) when they are on the baseline (figure 7).
2: As 4 dribbles baseline, X uses a "push-step" technique to defend the dribble, stopping on the baseline to deny the baseline drive.