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Those interested in trading might want to consider joining a barter exchange group.
businesses engage in some form of barter, and fully 65% of the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange use barter to reduce inventory, bolster sales, and ensure capacity at production facilities, notes the barter industry's leading trade group.
We barter airline tickets for printing, advertising space and employee benefits," says Bender.
said Humberto Ascanio, assistant to Bobby Frankel, the Mazel Trick trainer whose hope for a fifth Pacific Classic victory now depends on Barter Town.
What are the mechanics of barter in today's business world?
As renegade economist Hazel Henderson puts it, "Local barter systems and local currencies flourish when a country is managing its affairs inappropriately.
The accounting and financial reporting standards as they relate to barter transactions are extremely limited, particularly when it comes to general applications for all commercial activities.
Managing this problem led me to rediscover the concept of barter and to see how it has emerged over the last decade into a valid and sophisticated financial-management tool.
In recent years, surplus corporate real estate and plummeting values has led to the entrance of trading or barter companies into the real estate industry.
Now, however, a new try is being made at international TV barter and it is succeeding in Eastern Europe, China and even in Western Europe.
A few months later, Annette Riggs of Corporate Connect moved her barter exchange to the Barter21 software platform.
23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A new board game has been developed with a barter theme by Ana Hawk, CEO of Instant Barter, LLC.