bar chart

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Bar Graph

A chart with rectangles (each representing a category) placed next to each other in which the length of each rectangle represents the amount of data in each category. For example, the rectangles could represent U.S. states and their sizes may correspond to their GDP.

Vertical Line Chart

A chart that consists of vertical bars, each representing a trading day. The top of each bar represents the highest price of the day, while the bottom represents the lowest price. The closing price is shown by a short, horizontal line to the right of the bar, while the opening price is shown by the same thing to the left of the bar. The vertical axis of the chart shows prices, while the horizontal axis shows trading days. It is also called a bar chart.

bar chart

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In technical analysis, a chart pattern indicating the activity of an economic variable, usually a stock price, over time (plotted on the horizontal axis) compared with the value of that variable throughout the same period of time (plotted on the vertical axis). In a bar chart of a stock price, the high and low prices for the period are connected by a vertical line. A short horizontal slash is often drawn across the bar at the closing price. Bar charts are the graphs most frequently used by technicians. Also called vertical line chart. Compare point-and-figure chart. See also line chart, candlestick chart.

bar chart



a chart that portrays data in pictorial form and shows the relative size of each category in a total by means of the relative height of its ‘bar’ or ‘block’.
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For example, a bar chart like the one in Exhibit 3, which compares spending for governmental activities by expense category over two fiscal years, is helpful in identifying significant changes in expenses between the two years.
Order in relation to other elements: Horizontal bar chart (see exhibit 2, below, right).
a line- and bar chart to the revenue in KW per year (multi-annual observation)
A table accompanying the bar chart that compares the fund's performance with that of a broad-based securities market index.
Possible solutions to this apparently paradoxical pair of molding problems appear as a Pareto-type bar chart below the line, arranged in order of "confidence level" for each suggested solution.
A major new feature of MyCharts is the ability to build a bar chart using clip art images," said Dave Mans, president of MySoftware.
EDITOR'S NOTE: A bar chart of the top 10 is available in color or black and white from Kerry Regan/
The attached bar chart shows select brands and their relative technology deployment rank.
Using a rigorous methodology for standardizing fundamental data according to diverse reporting methods, Corporatefocus Screener delivers the accuracy and timeliness that financial researchers require; 32 key financial ratios in four categories: profitability, liquidity, utilization and market valuation; Charts, embedded in each of the major line items providing fast and accurate visuals for 40 primary accounting items; Consensus Estimates on seven performance benchmarks including Earnings per Share and EBITDA, along with a bar chart displaying buy-hold-sell recommendations sourced from JCF Group, a Factset company.
Note to editors: See the accompanying bar chart depicting results of our laboratory studies.
But there is a little bar chart where they have collated all the reported incidents of offences and do you know that [in the year] I was with him for 10 days or so, there are no victims.