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Bank note

A term used synonymously with paper money or currency issued by a bank. Notes are, in effect, a promise to pay the bearer on demand the amount stated on the face of the note. Today, only the Federal Reserve Banks are authorized to issue bank notes, i.e. Federal Reserve notes, in the United States.

Bank Note

A note issued by a bank and accepted as money. In a fiat money system (that is, in all modern monetary systems), a bank note is the same as cash. In general, bank notes are issued by the central bank (or by a bank authorized by the central bank to print money) and are legal tender. It is also called paper money.

bank note

Currency issued and guaranteed by a bank. The sole issuer of bank notes in the United States is the Federal Reserve Bank.

bank note

the paper CURRENCY issued by a CENTRAL BANK which forms part of a country's MONEY SUPPLY. Bank notes in the main constitute the ‘high value’ part of the money supply. See MINT, LEGAL TENDER, FIDUCIARY ISSUE, BANK OF ENGLAND.
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The State Bank of Pakistan has therefore been decided to phase out all remaining old design banknotes of Rs 10, 50, 100 and 1000.
88 of 2003 had granted the CBE the right to issue banknotes and identify its denominations and specifications.
The key trends observed in the banknote market include adoption of polymer banknotes, change in behavior of customers and color changing, as a dominant security feature in banknotes.
Compared with the number of genuine euro banknotes in circulation, the quantity remains very low in Cyprus though there was an increase in the second half of 2014, when the figure was 210.
Seen from competition in Chinese market, since 2014, foreign companies encountered shrinkage in market share and a slow growth in performance, while domestic major counterparts saw rapid expansion in market share, largely due to obvious advantages of homegrown brands in banknote adaptability, service and price with gradual maturity of small and medium-sized banknote sorter technology.
The new banknotes are expected to be printed by the end of the year and to be put into circulation at the start of 2015.
He also said, "Another challenge, facing the industry, is the forecasting of the demand banknotes.
The question is really about the acceptability of the banknotes in the UK, in fact Scottish businesses can quite legally refuse to accept BoE banknotes as they are only legal tender in England and Wales (FAQs section "The role of backing assets") not that many would, I think.
The new banknotes, Mayala noted, is different in color, size and the printed figures, with pictures of the Syrian Opera House and a mosaic of the first music note in the world are painted on them.
An official with the bank said, 'We plan to issue a banknote dedicated to Crimea, but it will be a banknote of the denominations already in circulation.
The banknotes' values are larger in size and the raised print aids the visually impaired in distinguishing each banknote from the other.
The new 10-euro banknote of the Europa series will start circulating on September 23," the ECB said in a statement.