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NEEDSMAINTENANCE:The cracks are starting to appear in the NHS in the form of a repairs backlog that tops the pounds 500m mark ARTWORK: Neil Cammies
But he estimates it would cost more than $10 million to completely eliminate the backlog.
This is not an area that can be spot checked or audited; during the time focused on backlog reduction, one of a manager's most important roles will be the constant communication of productivity expectations and the associated review of individual results against those expectations--every day, until the backlog is eliminated.
Second, calculate the backlog for each craft separately.
Conduct a quick and cost-effective process to quantify an institution's deferred maintenance backlog and determine the level of funding necessary to reduce or eliminate the backlog and maintain the target FCI.
Backlog mix also affects office and design personnel.
Cooper was the leader of the task force which was charged with identifying ways to allow VA's employees to spend more time on processing claims, improving the basic claims process, enhancing accountability at all levels, and emphasizing and encouraging all VA offices to attack the problem of claims backlogs," said DAV National Service Director Kenneth D.
From the customer's perspective, backlogs frequently mean longer lead times, frustration, damaged supplier relationships and often result in business eventually being pulled from the offending foundry.
I was really the story of Mike and a very well-run DP/MIS shop with a four-year backlog, with complaints of unresponsiveness, and with executives skepticism to the point where a task force was looking into the payoff of IS.
Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry constituted various Benches at the principal seat, Islamabad and at Branch Registry Peshawar to expedite the case hearings and clear the backlog
For years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has experienced processing delays and significant backlogs of disability claims.