back door

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Back Door

1. In business, a slang term describing something unethical. It may also describe the action of circumventing a problem in an unusual (but still ethical) way.

2. Any way to access a computer system other than logging in or using "normal" channels. Programmers often put back doors into their programs, or a hacker may create one.

3. See: Back-Door Listing.

back door

the informal mechanism whereby the BANK OF ENGLAND buys back previously issued TREASURY BILLS in the DISCOUNT MARKET at their ruling market price in order to release money to help the DISCOUNT HOUSES overcome temporary liquidity shortages. This is done as a means of increasing the liquid funds available not only to the discount houses themselves but also to the COMMERCIAL BANKS at prevailing interest rates to enable them to maintain their lending. Compare FRONT DOOR.
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4 Listing in China's stock exchange through back-door listing or IPOs
LOUTH'S 'reward' for having to go the back-door route is a clash with Dublin this weekend.
They couldn't even muster a single victory, losing their opener to Princeton 43-41, with the Tigers' decisive points coming on a back-door play that left the Bruins fully exposed as mere pretenders to the crown.
It can also greatly extend security and compliance capabilities of existing applications, enabling the auditing of both regular and back-door access to the application data stored in a database; enabling to track and analyze any database activity including database security changes, database access and usage, data creation, change or deletion.
ROSCOMMON must be one of the unluckiest teams in Ireland but they will try to resurrect their season in tomorrow's back-door clash with Cork.
Our vision is to support Eid Access' expansion in the retail industry and extend this program to Kroll clients in construction, leisure and other industries where the back-door threats are the greatest.