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The accused pleaded not guilty and denied having threatened to kill the babysitter.
The babysitters are running the baby care centres under the shade of a single makeshift tent where about 20 to 30 children are housed together between the ages of 1 to 3 years, while their mothers toil in the tea gardens.
Just like adults, children need some time to build up trust in new people, and it's important that you give yourself, the babysitter and your children a little time to build up this trust.
Ms Lisa Dodgson, aged 25, her daughters Amy, aged two, and nine-month-old Rose, and their babysitter Emma Cater, aged 16, were killed in the fire at Scotswood in May 1998.
In the case, a babysitter and the mother of a 4-year-old child determined that the child had just been sexually assaulted in her home by the defendant.
People go to this kind of illegal babysitting because of the cost if you go to recognised babysitters and nurseries where they are charging like a lot of money per hour ('Illegal babysitter to pay Dh200,000 after death of girl, 2', Gulf News, March 22).
Dubai: A carpenter has been accused of threatening to slit the neck of a babysitter, who had exposed his relationship with her co-worker, and entering her co-worker's bedroom to have sex.
This is one where you pay the babysitter - babysitters are going to make a lot of money out of this, I hope.
But I refuse to comment on the fact that it takes four days, six hours and 40 minutes to organise a babysitter, panic about having nothing to wear, enlist a sat-nav to track down my make-up bag and make the lunches for the next morning.
A TEENAGE babysitter abused two young sisters live on a webcam after being encouraged by a watching paedophile.
A US babysitter convicted of videotaping herself performing sex acts with children as young as two months old was sentenced to 125 years in prison yesterday.