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25] of scallop sizes where efficiency is equal to 75% and 25%, respectively, of maximum asymptotical efficiency [[alpha] = 2.
Creative narratology provides the means for a type of understanding that leads to other types of asymptotical awareness as one generation seeks to strengthen the next.
6 mm) and there is a substantial growth to be gained for females (the asymptotical size is 44.
1998] used this technique to optimize the layout and actuator placement of a 45-bar plane truss in which the objectives were to minimize the linear regulator quadratic control cost, robustness, and modal controllability of the controlled system subject to total weight, asymptotical stability, and eigenvalues constraints.
In addition to the usual asymptotical notations, let O(f) be the order obtained from O(f) by dropping polylogarithmic factors.
In all these tests, we have controlled for possible biases due to the use of inappropriate asymptotical critical values.
In addition, a theoretically rigorous proof of asymptotical stability has also been given.
The problem may be simplified and the asymptotical integration method was used for obtaining a solution in the case of a very thin shell [34].
Before identifying further research possibilities and challenges for construction of RF-REM we will thus group and compare the existing direct and indirect methods as per increasing asymptotical computational-time complexity.
The asymptotical analysis of (1) as N [right arrow] [infinity] to with [x.
636 and free degree of 2 and asymptotical significant level of 0.
We prove asymptotical stability and instability theorems for 2 x 2 system of first-order linear dynamic equations on a time scale with complex-valued functions as coefficients.