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Ceiling medallions are artfully incorporated into the design of the rooms, along with complementary lighting treatments.
If the media succeed with their spectacles and grand simplifications, it is because their audiences define happiness as the state of being well and artfully deceived.
The Washington Post says about the D's live show "Brandishing acoustic guitars like broadswords and singing artfully profane tales of dragons slain and wenches ravished, they at once skewer and venerate the Iron Maidens and Judas Priests of the world.
An artfully translated collection of six decades' worth of short fiction, Stories captures the elegant simplicity of everyday life in Taiwan.
In his newest book, The Soul of a a New Cuisine (John Wiley & Sons), the Ethiopian-born chef, restaurateur, author, and TV host journeys to the continent of his birth and composes a coffee table book of enticing recipes and insightful stories artfully photographed in a context of historical and cultural origin.
Spa/fitness center with massage rooms, steam and sauna areas, screening room and a Pilates/Yoga Room--all with dramatic views onto an artfully landscaped 13,000 sq.
Beguilingly written as a prayer, it artfully narrates the work of divine grace in his life.
Never failing to display a wide range of ideas and images, Fulton artfully crafts her poems with wit and grace; and as a result her work comes across as both bold and elegant.
In juggling the artfully deconstructed volumes, architects and engineers are heavyhanded with the structure, which is ostentatiously manifested throughout the building.
Fabricating, coloring, and positioning them with great care in relation to the surrounding space, and juxtaposing them artfully with one another, he suggests that one can always tease an expressively empty sculpture out of an everyday functional object.
Felsenfeld artfully describes and discusses the salient features of each piece.
In the end, Lucky showcases Etheridge at her best--an everydyke rock star hero wire wears her heart artfully on her sleeve.