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Yet, if they did it wrong," I said, "you couldn't argue the question.
They argue that, if we cannot know the physical world directly, we cannot really know any thing outside our own minds: the rest of the world may be merely our dream.
The content, Meinong argues, must not be confounded with the object, since the content must exist in my mind at the moment when I have the thought, whereas the object need not do so.
I offer no objection, sir,' said he, 'I argue no point with you.
But if, as Socrates argues, all evil is involuntary, then all criminals ought to be admonished and not punished.
Again, when Socrates argues that he must believe in the gods because he believes in the sons of gods, we must remember that this is a refutation not of the original indictment, which is consistent enough--'Socrates does not receive the gods whom the city receives, and has other new divinities' --but of the interpretation put upon the words by Meletus, who has affirmed that he is a downright atheist.
Nor are the reasonings of Schleiermacher, who argues that the Platonic defence is an exact or nearly exact reproduction of the words of Socrates, partly because Plato would not have been guilty of the impiety of altering them, and also because many points of the defence might have been improved and strengthened, at all more conclusive.
The activists argue that there is an escalating repression against gay men, manifested in the closing of bars, increased policing of cruising areas, and a demonizing of gay sexual culture.
In their version of The Emerging Democratic Majority, the authors argue that since 1992, American politics has been in transition from an old order of Republican dominance--which began with Richard Nixon's election in 1968 and culminated in Ronald Reagan's in 1980--to an emerging Democratic majority built around professionals, non-whites, women, and the white working class.
The court's decision to allow no deferral was in part because American Express did not argue it was possible to allocate fees between service and nonservice portions.
The court also noted that the taxpayers "embraced proposed regulations as support for their argument, yet argue that they do not apply when the proposed regulations present contrary authority.
Some argue that the forests, oceans, croplands, and atmosphere that form Earth's life-support system are already crumbling under humanity's heavy heel.