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This year, hard drive areal densities are estimated to reach 780Gbits per square inch per platter, and then rise to 900Gbits per square inch next year.
In the left image we have 29 areal objects and in the right image 31 areal objects.
The geometry and coercivity advantages of perpendicular recording led scientists to believe in potential areal densities that are up to 10 times greater than the maximum possible with longitudinal recording.
The paper builds a case for the existence of a particular type of adaptation in areal grammaticalization, grammaticalizing metatypy (for the notion of grammaticalizing metatypy, see Heine & Kuteva,) in a particular language-contact area, the Bantu-Nilotic borderland in Eastern Africa.
Technologies like these are critical to increasing areal density to 1 Tb/in2 and beyond.
This new record areal recording density is more than 20 times the areal density used in current state of the art commercial tape drives such as the IBM TS1155 enterprise tape drive, and it enables the potential to record up to about 330 terabytes (TB) of uncompressed data on a single tape cartridge that would fit in the palm of your hand.
The Norwegian property investor Oslo Areal ASA said on Wednesday (26 October) that it had agreed to purchase a 6,311 square metre office property in Lysaker in Norway.
The dipole moment is derived from the ground state absorption and the QD areal density, which was determined from transmission electron micrographs generated by collaborators at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-7 July 2005-Oslo Areal ASA acquires property for NOK193m(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
removable digital storage, areal density growth of hard disk drives and resulting storage capacities for various form factor disk drives, comparison of flash vs.