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This ensures that the book not only tells the story from the Indonesian point of view, but also paints a comprehensive picture of how Indonesia struggled and succeeded in its archipelagic campaign.
Under UNCLOS, archipelagic waters are defined as waters enclosed by archipelagic baselines determined in accordance with international law.
After reading this book, however, we all will have a better idea of how the economy of the world's largest archipelagic nation functions, and the people at the geographic centre of it who help make it all run.
As an archipelagic country, air travel is necessary for Filipinos and we are here to serve and help them stay or be better connected with their families and friends.
As the second largest archipelagic country in the world with 7,107 islands, and yet the Philippines has the weakest navy in Southeast Asia.
I hope to show that reading consciously against the critical (rather than the textual) grain and viewing Philips primarily as a Welsh writer allows for a fuller understanding of how she articulates a sense of place in her poetry in ways that are political and archipelagic in scope as well as personal.
With impunity and missionary zeal they move to turn the archipelagic region into a front in their global jihad.
And it is coastal and island states in the Asia-Pacific region, including large archipelagic states like Indonesia , and small island states in the Pacific who will bear the brunt of the failure to act.
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has signed into law a bill that redefines the Philippines' archipelagic baselines, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said Wednesday.
The vessels will traverse the archipelagic territorial sea and its exclusive economic zone.
With lyrics like "The curtain has been raised/And Europe's all one stage/And the archipelagic icicles have melted like the cage," it was always doomed.
The Boeing 737 operated by local carrier Adam Air crashed in a mountainous region of Sulawesi island in the northeast of the sprawling archipelagic nation, said local police Chief Colonel Genot Hariyanto.