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Roman argued that the agreement didn't meet the Armendariz standards, and said it was unconscionable because it was one-sided and bound only the employee to arbitrate disputes.
In response, Saldukas and Stesal argued that James had waived the right to arbitrate by its actions, including its initial refusal to arbitrate, its repeated assertions that the parties had no right to arbitrate, and its threat to file a lawsuit enjoining the NYSE arbitration proceeding.
That case held that employees can be required to honor their commitments to arbitrate Title VII claims, but only if the arbitration process meets "minimal fairness requirements.
20 (1991)) that employees could waive their statutory rights to file discrimination claims by agreeing to arbitrate their employment disputes, the trend had been to enforce these "compelled" arbitration agreements.
The right to arbitration exists only where a valid agreement demonstrates that the parties intended to arbitrate a dispute.
Judge Mary Schroeder, writing for the appeals court, said, "Even assuming that appellants were aware of the nature of the U-4 form, they could not have understood that in signing it, they were agreeing to arbitrate sexual discrimination suits.
The developer asserted that the entities and individuals who had not signed the agreement were nonetheless required to arbitrate because they were WBA's alter egos, successors or assigns.
If the hosts are all servers in one cluster, then the cluster can arbitrate access to the devices.
that broad arbitration clauses cannot be extended to compel parties to arbitrate disputes they have not agreed to arbitrate.
In August, noting the dispute between the parties, the USWA urged Cooper to arbitrate whether bargaining would be required prior to the sale.
JBHT") (NASDAQ:JBHT) announced today that it had received from Burlington Northern and Santa Fe ("BNSF") a notice that BNSF was electing to exercise its right to arbitrate the revenue division provided for in the Joint Service Agreement ("JSA") between JBHT and BNSF.