Approved charge

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Approved Charge

In some health insurance plans, the amount that the insurer will pay for a medical procedure. Some insurers will only pay for medical procedures up to the approved charge. If the amount the physician or hospital bills exceeds the approved charge, the policyholder is responsible for paying it. See also: Coinsurance.

Approved charge.

With traditional fee-for-service health insurance, the insurance company sets an approved or allowable amount for each medical procedure or office visit.

If your bill exceeds the approved charge, the difference between the approved charge and the claim that's submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement is considered an excess charge. You are responsible for that amount in addition to a percentage of the approved charge.

Medicare establishes approved charges for medical procedures and office visits. If you participate in Original Medicare, there's a legal limit on what a doctor, laboratory, or other medical provider can charge in excess of the approved amount.

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The administrative and general expenses Included the approved amount of Dh542 million, from which Dh197 million was disbursed in the first half of this year, an increase of 36 per cent compared with Dh224 million for the same period last year.
The Medicare approved amount for PAR physicians is 5 percent higher than the Medicare approved amount for non-PAR physicians Directories of PAR physicians are provided to senior citizen groups and individuals who request them
The new loan cap prohibits Williams from borrowing the approved amount, and he may also lose a great deal of money in non-refundable down payments that he has already made.
Failures identified by Sir John included awarding contracts without going through a competitive tendering process, seeking fewer than three tenders, failing to follow EU procurement directives, exceeding the approved amount, extending the remit of the original contract without proper approval, contract splitting, not adequately documenting the decision-making process, not specifying the approved or budgeted contract value and incurring an open-ended commitment, as no termination date was specified in the contract.
This means beneficiaries will not pay more than 20 percent of the approved amount, once they have met their annual $100 Medicare Part B deductible.
It has already offered a total of 860 million yen, some 80% of the approved amount, to tourism industries in the four prefectures as an advance payment, they said.
Apart from the approved amount, the bank is also considering a supplementary loan of 400 million dollar to complete the project.
00) of its approved amount, and most "medigap" policies would cover no more than the other 20 percent--$222.
BAHAWALPUR -- Punjab Planning and Development Department has approved amount of Rs.
Earlier, the CADD had announced to install the latest society cameras in Capital Schools before the start of summer vocation but announcement was only limited to the file work as concerned authority to initiate the work despite of approved amount of Rs.
The approval is valid until August 31, Swedbank said, adding that it may buy back less than the approved amount depending on market conditions.
Under the current plan, MICROS has repurchased 984,426 shares of an approved amount of 1,000,000 shares.