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A division. The term may be used in insurance to indicate which policy bears what percentage of a loss. Alternatively, it may be used in the sale of real estate to show the property tax or insurance the buyer and the seller each owe for a year. See also: Apportionment Clause.


To divide into parts.Co-owners of property may decide to apportion maintenance costs among themselves, according to the percentage of ownership enjoyed by each. Buyers and sellers usually apportion real estate taxes so that the portion earned by local government before closing,but not yet paid because not yet due,will be paid by the seller in the form of a credit against the purchase price.When the property tax bill is later received by the buyer,he or she will pay the entire bill in full, but will have already received the equivalent of reimbursement through the credit at closing.

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This was because under the strict terms of the lease, a full quarter's rent fell due for payment on September 29 and not just an apportioned amount.
The second report, which is thought to have been submitted by Advocate for the Council Athos Kanaourides, is said not to have apportioned any criminal responsibility.
This delay wastes precious time--after all, the asset has already been apportioned to MNF-I and allocated to the MSC.
In accordance with the unit tax method applicable to public utilities, the Commissioner approved this valuation and apportioned it among all the counties in which GPC held real property.
While this is currently a very small number of delegates, the House of Delegates decided that this group should be apportioned delegates the same way as state nursing associations (CMAs).
84) Under the simplified deduction method, a taxpayer's deductions (except the net operating loss deduction and deductions not attributable to the actual conduct of a trade or business) are ratably apportioned between DPGR and non-DPGR based on relative gross receipts.
California provides for apportioned noneconomic damages on a percentage share, and any company may be apportioned a percentage of fault, whether it settled with the plaintiffs, was never sued before by the plaintiff or has since declared bankruptcy.
Most mainstream readings of this extremely hard-to-follow decision say the Court meant Congress always had the power to levy an income tax, and that it was merely the question whether it should have to be apportioned that was at issue.
The Institute's tax executive committee submitted recommendations on IRS-proposed revisions to section 987 of the Internal Revenue Code that require a taxpayer to recognize exchange gain or loss--upon receiving a remittance from a qualified business unit (QBU)--by apportioning its basis in the QBU to each remittance and then recognizing exchange gain or loss based on the difference between the value of the remittance and the basis apportioned to it (www.
An international board--that is, a global Federal Reserve--would regulate the global supply of that currency, and monetary gains from its issue would be apportioned under a quota plan administered by the IMF.
However, no growth is forecast for the following two years as a greater volume of light vehicle production is apportioned to outside the U.
And each element in his uncomplicated yet dense compositions--earthy magenta or umber paper rectangles, translucent overlays of yellow and orange pigment, geometrically apportioned silhouettes of birds, excerpts from handwritten letters--seems to find its place without jostling anything else.