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In one of the first direct appeal cases, the court sua sponte certified a direct appeal of its order, but the parties never appealed the order.
After Flathead Forest officials approved it, two local environmental groups appealed the project.
To avoid breaking the bank with tons of external appeals, there would be reasonable limits on the kinds of benefit decisions that could be appealed, a key concern voiced by the American Association of Health Plans.
A Federal district court denied the officers' summary judgment motion based on this factual dispute, and the officers immediately appealed.
This decision could be appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court, which would then have discretion to decide whether to hear the case.
The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants and the inmate appealed.
Sludge opponents appealed the general permit a year ago to the state water board, asking for a full environmental assessment.
The former warrant holders had appealed the damages calculation determined in the Bankruptcy Court's ruling and related issues.
If IT&A denies a request, the denial can be appealed to an operating division's commissioner or an Appeals Deputy Director.
The district court granted a permanent injunction and the officials appealed.
Van Nuys Homeowners Association President Don Schultz has appealed planning approvals for projects two miles from where he lives.