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An individual who receives benefits from an annuity.


The beneficiary of an annuity. Depending on the type of annuity, the annuitant may be the person who paid into the annuity, or may be a relative or other designee of that person, such as a widow or widower.


The recipient of an annuity.


An annuitant is a person who receives income from an annuity. If you receive a distribution from an annuity that you or your employer buys with your 401(k) assets, you're the annuitant.

Similarly, you're the annuitant if you take distributions from a tax-deferred individual retirement annuity or from an individual annuity you buy with after-tax income.

If your beneficiary receives annuity income after your death, he or she becomes the annuitant. It's also possible to buy an annuity naming someone other than the buyer -- a disabled child, for example -- as annuitant.


A person who receives a pension or an annuity.
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We also restrict the sample to the approximately 80 percent of annuitants who hold only one annuity policy, thereby avoiding the complexity of modeling the total annuity stream for individuals who hold multiple policies.
More than 1,800 annuitants are in the program, and 1,200 of them are employed.
Structured settlement annuitants are often on the receiving end of a payment stream because of personal loss, injury, or disability and depend on their payment stream as source of income because they are often unable to work due to those unfortunate circumstances that have befallen them.
Work over the January 30-31 weekend transformed R&A Pay areas to ensure that the new workforce was aware that they were entering an organization built on the best analysis and planning possible, the best practices of the payroll and accounting industry, and a dedication to serving the nation's military retired and annuitant population.
Actuaries calculate how many individuals in any given "annuity pool"--that is, the total number of annuitants receiving payouts from an insurer--will die before their life expectancy, relieving the insurer of the need to make further payments.
The agreement will provide Equitable's with-profits annuitants with improved prospects and greater security by being part of one of the largest and financially strongest funds in the UK.
Although the policy applies to DOD military members and DOD civilians, the benefits of using myPay to eliminate identity theft associated with postal delivery of these statements also applies to retirees and annuitants for their 1099 tax statements.
Some 400,000 California annuitants each receive a total annual retirement of $19,128, or $1,594 a month, and that's $94 more than the national average.
The Equitable Life Trapped Annuitants hope to issue a writ against the society by July.
uk) has been selected by London & Colonial to promote its Open Annuity which allows annuitants to pass their pension funds to their heirs on death.
The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and the Department of General Services' Statewide eGovernment Initiatives Office have launched iJobs, an online tool that allows retirees to search for work on the web as retired annuitants with the State of California.
At the time the 14 gentlemen met in that conference room at 1423 New York Avenue, the maximum rate of annuity was $720 for the 16,500 annuitants at that time.