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Performance of dairy cows fed annual ryegrass silage and corn silage with steam-flaked or ground corn.
For sandy loam soils, soil salinity is likely to reduce annual ryegrass DM production when electrical conductivity values are >0.
Differential allelopathic potential among wheat accessions to annual ryegrass.
Since most phosphorus in forages is located in stems and runners, managing upright forages such as annual ryegrass to maximize stem production should also maximize removal of this nutrient from the soil," says Pederson.
Annual ryegrass is the premier quality forage among those readily grown in the region, and this quality forage has been successfully stored as either chopped silage or baleage with a high frequency of success.
Annual ryegrass is best-suited as a living mulch in systems where you'll incorporate it the following spring.
Australian and overseas wheats were found to vary considerably in their ability to compete with annual ryegrass, the main weed of wheat.
A long term assessment of annual ryegrass produced in commercial farms indicated that crude protein (CP) and total digestible nutrients (TDN) of silages were superior to those of hay by 30 and 48 g/kg dry matter (DM), respectively (Han et al.
The project, envisioned as the first of several such bioenergy plants in the Willamette Valley, would help growers find a profitable use for the tons of straw that result each year from annual ryegrass.
Measurements were also made in two 10 by 4 m plots of annual ryegrass pastures marked out in an adjacent paddock, which has been under ryegrass since 1994, but previously under subterranean clovers (1974-1993) and oat fodder (1969-1974).
Therefore, the objectives of this study were to determine carcass characteristics and FA profiles of Boer cross wethers and intact male goats grazed on annual ryegrass pasture.
Annual ryegrass, a staple of Oregon's grass seed crop, was hit especially hard, suffering a 40 percent crop loss, based on preliminary estimates, said Mark Mellbye, field crops agent for OSU Extension in Linn, Lane and Benton counties.

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