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To change by some formal process. For example, one may amend a charter to change how a company operates. Likewise, one may amend a tax return to make it more accurate.


A change to an agreement; an attachment added after contract execution in order to modify or expand upon the original contract.

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The Sixth Amendment, which concerns criminal prosecutions, guarantees public trials, impartial juries, and the "right to an attorney" part of the Miranda warning.
To overcome this limitation on federal judicial power, an activist Supreme Court developed a line of cases holding that the 14th Amendment was the conduit that allows it to impose the federal restrictions of the Bill of Rights (amendments one through 10) upon state action.
Americans United blasted the stunt, noting that the amendment had already been voted down in the Senate in July.
The amendment is largely symbolic because the law already prohibits foreign governments from using U.
Ranchi: The ruling BJP in Jharkhand has called a meeting of tribal leaders on Thursday to discuss the amendments to the two contentious land acts that were returned by Governor Draupadi Murmu.
In condemning the harshness of Stevens' original version of the 14th Amendment, a colleague asked him if he could build a penitentiary large enough for the millions of people living in the South.
Every time the Supreme Court rules on a First Amendment case, it further defines what rights the Amendment does--and doesn't--protect.
The proposed amendment exceeds the purpose and scope of a draft model uniform statute on taxpayer disclosure requirements.
Hall alleges Santa Clarita's move to bypass environmental review in enacting the sphere amendment violates a Superior Court ruling from a 2004 lawsuit challenging a city plan to annex parts of the Las Lomas site.
Students who have taken classes covering the media or the First Amendment (i.