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carriers that were members of AIRCON and includes contracts ratified between January 1, 1984, and December 20, 2002 (so that the sample includes contracts that became amendable as early as 1982, thus covering negotiating activity from 1982 to 2002).
Recently, United's pilots voted to ratify a contract extension more than a year ahead of their contract's amendable date, following an expedited negotiations process with the Air Line Pilots Association.
Horizon's pilot contract became amendable in September 2006.
The parties reached these agreements following just four months of negotiations and are between nine months and two and a half years in advance of the current contracts' amendable dates.
The previous agreement became amendable on May 1, 2012 and the new contract will become amendable again on Dec.
United announces tentative agreement with subsidiary Continental flight attendants United Airlines announced today that the company has reached a tentative agreement with the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) covering flight attendants from the company's Continental subsidiary, almost three months ahead of the contract's amendable date.
The newly ratified contract becomes amendable December 31, 2019.
The agreement comes just four weeks after the group's current contract became amendable.
The prior contract was effective in 2010 and became amendable in May 2012.
Their previous contract became amendable on 16 August 2008 and the new agreement covers the period through to 16 August 2013.
The West pilots contract became amendable in December 2006, while the East contract becomes amendable in December 2009.
The deadline to reach an on-time contract came and went with the passing of our amendable date 161 days ago.