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B North, demolition of outbuilding, alterations to convert existing store to garage and formation of parking spaces, Thornber Barn, Halifax Road, Scapegoat Hill.
They may need alterations because an expensive item of clothes does not quite fit, and is altered at the shop before purchase, or clothes given as a gift are too long.
Following a recent tribunal decision, Revenue & Customs has reconsidered the definition of a garage in relation to listed-building alteration and reconstruction work.
This regimen has been shown previously to produce neurotoxicity in developing rat brain, including lasting alterations in biomarkers of 5HT synaptic function, without eliciting growth retardation or any other signs of systemic toxicity (Aldridge et al.
The DOB amended Local Law 77 to eliminate the necessity of obtaining a certificate of occupancy where the alteration only consisted of combining apartments to create a larger residential apartment.
There are high-tech and low-tech solutions auditors can use to detect vertical scale alterations less obvious to the eye.
Among the selection criteria for the new polyurethane were that the material exhibited a combination of good wear characteristics and mechanical properties, was easy to handle, and provided for fast, easy alteration and repair of polyurethane as well as metal patterns.
Permeability alterations [plus or minus] active efflux
found that enzyme alterations (the most common in red; others, in gold) do not affect the sites (orange and blue) where this chemical conversion occurs.
If one maintains the somewhat arbitrary distinction between bodily alterations that are supposed to be invisible, like plastic surgery, and those that draw attention to themselves, like tattooing, Samuel's imagery recalls the latter, with its implications of willfulness and display.
When patient bedrooms are being added or altered individually, and not as part of an alteration of the entire area, the altered patient bedrooms shall be made ADA accessible unless the "50% criteria" (above) has already been met.
Home improvements and structural alterations chargeable against the veteran's cost limitation include but are not restricted to: