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We are inspired by a great vision to create places that are environmentally and socially responsible, but to do it within the constraints of affordable housing budgets and important community input.
If we don't begin providing affordable housing in a meaningful way, the people who work in this city will not be able to live in this city,'' said Kate Bartolo, senior vice president of The Kor Group, which has developed luxury condos and lofts and operates hotels.
Affordable property managers have been thrust into the role of innovator to operate affordable multifamily properties," McGrath said.
Those people who are telling you that there's an affordable housing crisis aren't lying," says Brian Sullivan, a HUD spokesperson, "but I wouldn't describe it as a nationwide problem.
The Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Agreement is a five-year commitment that combines $245 million in Government of Canada funding with matching contributions from the Government of Ontario, municipalities and other private and non-profit partners.
And zoning requirements such as South Barrington's, and the hefty price tag attached to them--an average of $343,543 per lot since January 2001, according to Bill LaMack, president of ERA Country-wood Realty--have left no room for more affordable housing.
The lack of affordable housing rips at the fabric of all our nation's communities.
Faced with a common enemy, the state's land trusts, affordable housing advocates, historical preservation groups and environmentalists formed the Housing and Conservation Coalition, hired an attorney, drafted a bill that would create a joint trust fund, and launched a successful lobbying effort to pass it in 1987.
Creating an affordable assisted living project comes down to reducing your cost of capital.
The EITF reached a consensus that the investor should not recognize affordable housing credits in its financial statements before their recognition in the investor's tax return.
Though he often has to scratch in strange corners to find ways to build cheaply, he has managed to find creative ways of keeping affordable housing projects in Harlem, and throughout the five boroughs, afloat.
We've taken a stand and made a clear statement that we will act to preserve affordable housing,'' Planning Commissioner Michael K.

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