affiliated person

Affiliated person

An individual who possesses enough influence and control in a corporation as to be able to alter the actions of the corporation.

Control Person

An important person in a corporation. Control persons include senior managers, members of the board of directors, and officers such as the CEO and CFO. Control persons are able to use both their authority and their influence to make decisions on the corporation's activities. A control person is also called an affiliated person.

affiliated person

A person who is in a position to influence a firm's management decisions. Affiliated persons usually include directors, officers, owners of more than 10% of the firm's outstanding stock, and family members or close associates of these groups. Also called control person.
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You would go a great wrong if you accuse [GE-len] as a gang affiliated person without any verdict of conviction by a prosecutor," stated Yylmaz.
The order also prohibits him from serving or acting as an employee, officer, director, member of an advisory board, investment adviser or depositor of, or principal underwriter for, a registered investment company or affiliated person of such investment adviser, depositor, or principal underwriter.
The amendment to subsection 69(11) in the last technical bill, however, represented a shift toward the affiliated person standard in this respect.
Independent is defined as not receiving, other than for service on the board, any consulting, advisory, or other compensatory fee from the Company, and as not being an affiliated person of the Company, or any subsidiary.
To qualify as "independent," a director may not receive consulting, advisory or other compensatory fees, other than as a board or committee member, and may not be an affiliated person of the company or any of its subsidiaries.
Takuo Otani, President and Representative Director, as a special affiliated person, and Mr.
Takuo Otani, President and Representative Director as a special affiliated person, and Mr.
PJSC "Magnit" Has Published the List of Affiliated Persons as of 30.
AFTER serving for 19 years in the higher judiciary, of which nine months were spent as the CJI, Justice Palanisamy Sathasivam feels the Centre and the state governments are to be equally blamed if they felt that corrupt and politically affiliated persons are making their way into the higher judiciary.
Launched on February 1, 2013 to DoubleLine clients and affiliated persons, the Fund will be opened to the public on July 1.
A A Bin Hindi family's affiliated persons also had the right to representation.
Thus, non-residents and residents, whose founders or affiliated persons are foreign individuals and legal entities registered or resident in the following 41 countries and territories granting privileged tax regime and do not providing full information to banking supervisors will not be eligible for participation in the auction: 1.

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