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A person who signs an affidavit. The affiant certifies under penalty of perjury that the statements contained in the affidavit are true to the best of his/her knowledge.


A person who makes a written statement under oath by way of an affidavit.

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As the judges taking the depositions were not familiar with the facts, they simply let the affiants give their statements.
Here, the unrebutted evidence showed that neither affiant confirmed the contents of the affidavits by oath or affirmation before the notary and, therefor the plaintiffs complaint did not initiate an action against the defendants, Moreover, the defendants notified the plaintiff of this defect at the outset of this case, long before the statute of limitations expired on the plaintiffs claims.
The most prevalent abuse was the admission of ex parte affidavits accusing the defendant without an opportunity to question the affiant, illustrated best by Sir Walter Raleigh's 1603 treason trial where the principal witness, Lord Cobham, was never made to testify.
Testimony was anonymous only in the sense that the names of affiants, while known to al-Haq and made available to the International Committee of the Red Cross and the human-rights community upon request, were withheld from publication.
Frank Keim was one of our forty-three affiants on standing.
authorized by its president, president-elect, or executive director, supported by 1 or more affidavits demonstrating facts personally known to the affiants that, if unrebutted, would establish clearly and convincingly that an attorney appears to be causing great public harm, the Supreme Court of Florida may issue an order [begin strikethrough]imposing emergency conditions of probation on said attorney or[end strikethrough] suspending said attorney on an emergency basis.
Such matters as the curriculum vitae of the defendants, organization charts of the ministries and other governmental agencies, and explanations of the functioning of quasi-governmental industrial bodies were usually presented in affidavit form subject, of course, to the right of the defense to call the affiants for cross-examination.
Some courts have concluded that it is so obvious that criminals keep the fruits and implements of their criminal activities in their homes that it is not necessary for affiants to even mention that fact in their affidavits when obtaining a search warrant for a criminal's residence.
Wildlife Federation affiants stated that they used lands "in the vicinity" of areas affected by two of the 1250 reclassifications.
Further, to be of any help, character witnesses and affiants should be intimately familiar with your background and your problem.