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The administrative expenses of the Social Fund have increased by 104 million som ($1.
Repair and maintenance costs dip, fixed expenses climb, administrative expenses rise slightly.
2004-10, which permits a defined contribution plan to allow an employer to pay administrative expenses for active employees, while charging such expenses to terminated employees' plan accounts.
Administrative Expenses When a Relative Uses the Decedent's House
Only certain holders of Administrative Expenses must file a proof
The objectives of this report are to update information on claims processing, payments from the Trust Fund, and administrative expenses.
Under the initiative, each school district in the state could spend no more than 5 percent of its budget - including state, federal and local dollars - on off-campus administrative expenses.
These net proceeds were applied toward current month Trust administrative expenses resulting in no distribution for August 1994.
861-12T(j), Example 1 -- clarifying that general and administrative expenses may be specifically traced to income generated by specific assets (rather than grouping such expenses with assets without directly identifiable yields) -- is also a good one.
Administrative expenses grew faster than revenues over the past five years for provider owned and affiliated health plans, according to a new special report from A.
Paragon's general and administrative expenses increased by $14,000 for the second quarter of 2005 to $239,000, and for the six months of 2005, these expenses increased by $233,000 to $697,000 for due diligence undertaken mostly during the first quarter of 2005 on a large potential acquisition.
Concerned about the increasing proportion of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation's (PBGC) operational and administrative budget that is outside the annual administrative expense limitation, the Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging asked GAO to review PBGC's (1) application of the limitations set forth in its appropriations in developing its budget estimates and (2) methodology for allocating and reporting its operational and administrative expenses falling under the statutory limitation.

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