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8 million in billings), which was named the African American ad agency of record for the John Kerry campaign, continued its general-market advertising work with 3 Musketeers candy bars.
As a custom publisher, ad agency and PR agency," Chris McMurry told NL/NL, "we're the largest in Arizona.
Under accounting rules, the swap deal is viewed as the sale of the Bcom3 shares by Dentsu to the French ad agency, leading Dentsu to post capital gains of 35.
The ad agency also noted that the inexpensive clothes of the UNIQLO brand of Fast Retailing Co.
In 1992, Nissan picked Hakuhodo as its main ad agency and has entrusted it with producing television and printed media ads for new vehicle models.
And each week the sales people said to the ad agency, 'Your ads aren't getting us the traffic we need.
Few have slammed the hypocrisy of the politicians and the ad agency staffers behind this campaign, who can't all be drug virgins.
Executives at Young & Rubicam, an ad agency, are tickling your senses with a sweet-smelling ad, hoping you'll get a craving for a fruit drink called "Citrus Twist Batik.
Vitamin T will provide mid-sized and ad agency clients with faster and easier access to in-demand digital talent.
Dapper Company consists of two Blue Stingray Digital Ad Agency executives, Brian Rehg and Dustin Sholtes, along with Connor Murch.
a leading online ad agency network, will help companies large and small as they venture into the world of online advertising.
Ad agency Publicis West purposely included the flattery to show respect for the character, says Bob Moore, president and executive creative director.