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I mean you have to credit the President considering everything that he has been actually honoring the military dead, civilian dead and he has been actually going around,' he said.
Like, I don't think pigs could fly but actually sharks could be stuck in tornados.
In Praise of Security Theater Most security measures taken in Lebanese public places don't actually work, but they're important nonetheless.
The bottom diagram demonstrates the runway width illusion A narrower-than-usual runway can create an illusion that the aircraft is higher than it actually is, leading to a lower approach.
IF you're feeling disillusioned, at least some facts you might think are myths are actually true.
Brain scientists have taken it one step further and noted that when people give they actually get opioids.
Now I know what it was like in the 1800's and how our ancestors actually distributed water through wooden water mains," Critelli said.
We were 80 miles from anywhere and had no choice but to actually ride out with a broken arm,'' Cody said.
So if the network designers architect it and put in redundancies within the network, then, you know what, we can actually make it more reliable than traditional telephony because we can do what's called fail-over.
After that, people knew where I stood, and I actually had the support of some of my colleagues who said, "Do it.