actual damages

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Actual Damages

In a lawsuit, the damages the judge or jury orders one party to pay the other to compensate for real losses the second party suffered resulting from the action or negligence of the first party. For example, if Joe sues Bob because Bob caused $5,000 in damage to Joe's property, the actual damages the jury awards will equal $5,000. Actual damages differ from both nominal damages and punitive damages.

actual damages

Losses or injuries for which the law allows compensation as a means of reimbursement;used also to refer to the money awarded by a court as that compensation.Contrast with nominal damages,which would award $1,but recognize that the plaintiff's rights have been violated even though no economic, physical, or emotional harm occurred. Contrast also with punitive damages,which are not intended to compensate the victim but to punish the aggressor.

Actual damages may be

• Direct damages—those that flow directly and naturally from the wrong

• Consequential damages—those that flow from some consequence of the wrong

Example: Able agrees to purchase Baker's house. As a result of that contract, Baker agrees to buy a new condo under construction and pays a nonrefundable $5,000 reservation fee. Able then defaults and refuses to purchase Baker's house, even though Able has no justifiable reason for doing so. Two weeks later the stock market crashes, and Baker counts himself lucky when he is able to sell his house for $40,000 less than the original contract price. But, Baker is now unable to purchase the condo and loses his $5,000. Under the right circumstances, Able could be liable to Baker for actual damages consisting of the $40,000 difference in the two sale prices (direct damages) and for the loss of the $5,000 earnest money (consequential damages—more indirect and less predictable) and for punitive damages.

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Given that the TCCWNA allows a minimum civil penalty of $100 per violation to plaintiffs who have no reliance and no actual damages, it is easy to see how a seller's casual yet widely disseminated Facebook post, Tweet, or other social media "notice" that turns out to be unintentionally false or violative of the law in one or more respects can result in substantial civil penalties against the seller -- especially where a plaintiff brings a class action suit seeking penalties for each separate violation to each consumer and prospective consumer that saw the notice.
According to Daniel Solove, a narrow reading of actual damages would
The statutory damages in Tenenbaum were far more egregious, according to Gertner: "The plaintiffs here may have suffered approximately $1 in actual damages for each song that Tenenbaum illegally downloaded, but the jury awarded the plaintiffs $22,500 per song, for a statutory-to-actual-damages ratio of approximately 22,500:1.
However, it is the authors' opinion that the damage model, based upon actual damages and profits, is usually the method that results in the largest and most predictable award and is generally elected except where infringements of multiple copyrights occur, or where the infringer earns a small amount of profits.
The Maine court's decision provides a precedent for companies faced with data breaches to defend breach cases and to avoid liability if consumers are unable to demonstrate actual damages, including that they were held responsible for fraudulent charges, or the charges were not reimbursed or reversed.
In the BMW case, the punitive damages were 500 times the actual damages.
If the liquidated damages clause applies to a type of breach for which actual damages is hard to predict (for example, delay of performance), but does not seem to be extremely excessive, a court will usually enforce the liquidated damages clause.
4) When Congress amended Title VII through the enactment of [section] 1981a in 1991, (5) it did not explicitly require that workplace discrimination plaintiffs be awarded actual damages before receiving punitive damage awards.
Failure to comply could result in civil liability including actual damages.
The finding against the doctor was $10 million in punitive damages, and against the facility, $50 million in actual damages.
district court jury awarded Guill $51,499 in actual damages and $250,000 in punitive damages on the conversion claim, plus interest.
Sun is seeking $30 million in actual damages plus an unspecified amount of punitive damages.