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A market in which there is frequent trading.


1. Describing a security that is traded with relative frequency. Many investors look to active securities because they can be traded, even in rather large quantities, without affecting the price. Active securities usually have a low bid-ask spread.

2. Describing a market or exchange with a high trading volume.


Of or relating to a security in which there is a great deal of trading. Active securities appeal to many investors because they usually can be traded without affecting the price. In over-the-counter trading, an active security usually has a smaller spread between the bid and ask price. See also most-active stocks.
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New trends in the separation of active principles from plants.
Perhaps investigations on the pharmacological properties of active principles may suggest new applications as well.
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Furthermore, in vivo, the synergistic activity of multiple active principles present in TTO, unpredictable when a specific isolated component is studied, should also be considered.
A, Milan, Italy, is dedicated to the identification, development and production of active principles derived from plants for use in the pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetics industries.
Andrew Slade, Menarini Biotech Managing Director, also was delighted with the results obtained: "As Menarini Biotech (the Menarini Group's biotech Company) we oversaw the production of the active principle.
The results obtained from the present research allowed us to detect, in a simple cellular model, the activity of extracts from promising species which are now good candidates to pursue bioactivity-guided fractionation and purification of the active principles.
It is well-documented that its main active principles are terpenoids, specially sesquiterpenoids (Hikino et al.
Johan Stjernschantz, Professor of Pharmacology and Drug Development, and Bahram Resul, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, are the inventors of latanoprost, the active principle of Xalatan[R].
By this decision, Sanofi-Synthelabo concentrates its actions on the defense of the product patent 4,847,265 expiring in 2011 and covering clopidogrel active principle of Plavix(R).
The Company has been an active Principle Member of the WiMAX Forum since 2004.

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