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A measure of area, especially of land. The area of an acre is not standardized; an American acre is slightly larger than an international acre. It is roughly 4,840 square yards. Historically, an acre is said to be an approximation of the land a single ox could plough in a day. It is often used in real estate transactions.


Historically, the amount of land a yoke of oxen could plow in one day;today,a quantity of land containing 43,560 square feet.An acre can be any shape.Especially in the case of commercial properties,land values are usually expressed in terms of price per square foot rather then price per acre.

Example:  If you know that a 16-acre parcel recently sold for $10,000,000, you calculate the price per foot as follows:

16 acres      43,560 square feet per acre       696,960 square feet

$10,000,000     696,960 feet     $14.35 per square foot

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Statoil is planning to drill two exploration wells in 2015 in acreage acquired in the previous UK licensing round, and also sees the potential for maturing several additional drilling candidates on the 28th round acreage.
The state planning office is currently looking at reclassifying a significant amount of agricultural acreage into conservation status with similar management constraints.
Hopunion says that further acreage reductions of more significant scope are anticipated for the 1995 crop year "as world over-production in hops continues in 1994," a spokesperson said, "a 1995 restructuring is believed necessary to correct the current supply/demand imbalance.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, forward-looking statements contained in this press release specifically include the prospectivity of the acquired acreage and future drilling plans.
By all accounts, the 63,000 acreage owners receiving the magazine free, in targeted postal clusters in Ontario and Canada's Western provinces, are delighted.
The area devoted to all citrus, noncitrus fruits, and tree nuts in the United States has decreased 24 percent since 1919, the year in which complete acreage estimates became available.
Mixon supports an expansion in total acreage as well as acreage to tree planting.
But wheat prices aren't high enough to cause an increase in acreage yet.
WASHINGTON -- Global acceptance of biotech crops increased in 2006, with global biotech crop acreage reaching 252 million acres in 22 countries according to the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA).
rice acreage dipped last year, yields increased throughout the six major rice-producing states.
This acquisition, coupled with Magma's existing leasehold acreage at the Salton Sea and the Geothermal acreage purchased from Unocal in March of this year, will enable Magma to manage the Salton Sea reservoir as a single unit.
The Company will apply the knowledge gained by participating in these wells to its operated acreage and drilling program in Fayetteville Shale.