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A measure of area, especially of land. The area of an acre is not standardized; an American acre is slightly larger than an international acre. It is roughly 4,840 square yards. Historically, an acre is said to be an approximation of the land a single ox could plough in a day. It is often used in real estate transactions.


Historically, the amount of land a yoke of oxen could plow in one day;today,a quantity of land containing 43,560 square feet.An acre can be any shape.Especially in the case of commercial properties,land values are usually expressed in terms of price per square foot rather then price per acre.

Example:  If you know that a 16-acre parcel recently sold for $10,000,000, you calculate the price per foot as follows:

16 acres      43,560 square feet per acre       696,960 square feet

$10,000,000     696,960 feet     $14.35 per square foot

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5 million rice acres were planted, whereas almost 3.
The property is situated on five acres on Bayville Harbor leading out to Long Island Sound.
Partnerships will allow us to plant more acres," Scott says.
Randolph and its neighbor, Jefferson, where 2,000 of the acres were located, weighed in with support for the initiative.
Two parcels make up the roughly 50 acres in question.
However, in the foothills of the Pearblossom and Valyermo area - as well as in areas north of Lake Los Angeles, northeast of California City and northwest of Mojave and along part of the southern edge of Edwards Air Force Base - developers would have to buy five acres of preserve for every acre they build on.
The national forests in Mississippi are the best "producers" in the region, with 135,000 acres burned annually.
Highland, for instance, disturbed five acres of kangaroo rat land when it replaced its Fifth Street bridge over City Creek with a wider roadway.
In addition, two land parcels are available in configurations of 14 acres and five acres.
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Adopt an Acre program centers on South America's largest wetland, the Pantanal in Brazil, which covers 68,000 square miles.
Property developer John Guthrie owns the 38,000 acre Conaglen and Rosehaugh Estate.