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Broker/analyst recommendation that could mean slightly different things depending on the broker/analyst. In general, it means to increase the number of shares of a particular security over the near term, but not to liquidate other parts of the portfolio to buy a security that might skyrocket. A buy recommendation, but not an urgent buy.


1. The gradual purchase of a single security over a long period of time as opposed to a single purchase all at once. This is done to avoid causing fluctuations in price. See also: Distribution, Accumulation Area.

2. See: Market Outperform.


To purchase a relatively large amount of stock in a firm during a given period. Compare distribute.
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Because erupted gases react with oxygen, the slowdown in volcanic activity has left more oxygen to accumulate in the atmosphere, suggests Holland.
In addition, the minor's trust permits income to escape the kiddie tax by allowing the trustee to accumulate more income at the trust's separate tax bracket, rather than have the income taxed at the potentially higher marginal rate of the parent.
What's exciting about this work is that these particles appear before cholesterol accumulates as deposits in cells of the artery wall," Kruth says.
The Billing Log accumulates the billable time for the return and enables the billing process to be completed immediately on completion of the return.
Simulations by others have indicated that temperatures in the stratosphere (about 12 to 50 km) will also drop as greenhouse gases accumulate, but temperatures in the troposphere (reaching from Earth's surface to 12 km) will rise.
The proscribed actions are the forming or availing of a corporation for the purpose of tax avoidance by the shareholders or the shareholders of any other corporation by permitting the corporation's earnings and profits (E&P) to unreasonably accumulate rather than be distributed.
That's why bottom-feeding fish, such as carp, can accumulate relatively high levels.
The accumulated earnings tax (AET) is essentially a penalty imposed on corporations that accumulate earnings rather than pay them out as dividends.
Passengers traveling with any of the LAN service alliance participating airlines may accumulate frequent flier kilometers in LANPASS.