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Written or oral confirmation that all or part of one's order has been executed, including the price and size parameters of the trade being reported; often followed by a fresh picture.


1. See: Stockholder's report.

2. Confirmation that a broker makes to a client that an order has been executed. The report includes all relevant information, such as price and order size. It may be made orally or in writing. See also: Fresh picture.


A confirmation of a transaction at the time of execution.
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tampered with an accident report in which he wrongly mentioned that he visited the accident site [in Al Muraqqabat] and inspected the damages that were caused to the informant's vehicle before providing him with the report for Dh2,000.
had been writing traffic accident reports without actually inspecting the accident scene.
A policeofficer accepted Dhs2,000 bribes in exchange for altering road accident reports, a court was told.
According to the accident report, Munger's plane crashed into the ocean near the North Jetty of the Siuslaw River about one hour after it had taken off from the Florence Municipal Airport.
The 4th Circuit's opinion, however, expanded the reporting requirements, by stating that both Bates and Dickenson-Russell were responsible for filing an accident report.
But the worst is that after everything has been photographed, we still do not have an accident report.
Individual companies will make their own decisions on whether they want to try to impose a surcharge or not, but given the publicity around this incident as well as the state police issuing a single accident report and not citing anybody, I think there will be a fair amount of understanding on the part of insurance companies,'' Mr.
The Almondbury man completed an accident report with staff and was then taken to hospital and required four stitches.
POOR on-shore coordination and defects in on-board equipment meant passengers had to wait for up to 20 hours before being able to get off a ferry after a fire broke out, according to an accident report.
JEDDAH: Two men involved in a car accident had to wait two hours for police to arrive at the location to write the accident report.
THE Air France plane which crashed into the Atlantic two years ago stalled, lost speed and descended at a rate of 180ft per second, an accident report said yesterday.

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