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1. In law, the process by which one acquires property from another property one already owns. Accession occurs when a produced property automatically belongs to the owner of the producing property. For example, a corn cob grown in a garden accedes to the owner of the corn stalk. Likewise, corn starch belongs to the owner of the original corn from which it was made.

2. In international relations, the process by which a country joins the European Union.

3. See: Acquisition.


The right to own things that become a part of something you already own.When a tenant adds built-in cabinetry or other fixtures to a building,they become the property of the landlord by virtue of accession. Also frequently encountered in the realm of riparian (water) rights, such as new land created by dry river beds or retreating tidal lands.

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Globally, different DNA techniques including random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD), amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs), simple sequence repeats (SSR), chloroplast gene rcbL among others have been used to assess the genetic diversities among the populations / some accessions of M.
Hence, the study was designed to understand the level of genetic variation in physical and chemical properties of seeds of different accessions of G.
Air Force - 26,738 accessions, with a goal of 26,738; 100 percent
As indicated above, the recent flurry of accessions was unusual.
Croatia, which is expected to finalise accession talks by November 2009, has left the implementation of difficult reforms in the shipbuilding sector until the last moment, mostly out of fear of social unrest, as the country's six shipyards employ a total of 15,000 people.
The author tries to answer two questions: what are pros and cons of EU accession for Turkey and how might Turkish accession influence the Union.
During the past 20 yr, many of the NSGC barley accessions have been evaluated for resistance to BYD, NB, SB, and SR diseases and for resistance to RWA, but there has been no comprehensive analysis of these data.
Our goal was to provide them with an efficient way to register accessions, knowing that in some small institutions this part of the process is often done by paraprofessionals.
The first stage involves examining all accessions in the core collection for a desired characteristic.
Bottlebrush grass accessions were at the late vegetative developmental stage at all harvests.
In this paper, we present the summary data of 8270 barley accessions for the thermostability in combination with IEF pattern of [beta]-amylase.