access right

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Access Right

The authority a user of a computer program or a network has to access that program or network. One using a program or network without access rights is a hacker.

access right

The right of owners to get to or from their property. Legally, no land may be landlocked.Therefore, if a parcel is cut off from all public roads and there are no easements for ingress and egress,then the owner may bring suit and have a court declare an easement of necessity over the land of another. (This is one of the rare times when private individuals are able to bring condemnation actions and force another to give them property rights.)

Example:  Parcel B is landlocked, but the owner is entitled to access rights to public roads
and may force the owner of parcel A to provide an ingress and egress easement. The easement
must be via the most direct route to the nearest public road, without being unduly burdensome
on parcel A. The owner of parcel B may not force the owner of parcel A to provide a scenic route.

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However, 15 per cent admit access is not really controlled and 11 per cent say they are unable to detect sharing of access rights.
A desired capability is to let sources define access rights over its data and let the federation define user profiles that will use these rights.
A local authority must get the best price it can for access rights.
At this rate, it will take decades to obtain access rights to all the buildings and customers that fixed wireless networks are designed to reach," Graham said.
Since a map of the relationships between each of the users would look like a spider web, the administrative job of giving access rights to some workstations and not others would be far more difficult with NT than with NetWare.
The libraries will be called upon to negotiate access rights on behalf of their constituencies; to provide trained validated customers to the information providers; and to provide training in connectivity, documentation, and promotion of subsidized access.
Access rights can be flexibly managed with a smartphone app.
This system comprises - Standalone digital cylinders- Linings may be mounted on all the doors without laying cable,- Readers table for updating access rights,- A scheduler,- Software for centralized management of access rights.
8MAN Announces an Intelligent Solution for Building Networks of Trust Based on Access Rights Technology
The nfu has offered the new Countryside Code its full endorsement and hopes its principles will be adopted by both farmers and walkers when the new open access rights are introduced on National Walking Day, September 19.
With ConfigSENTRY, we no longer have to worry about authentication and communication with each TL/1 device, or about unauthorized access rights involving network element configurations.
To describe to individuals and organizations the capabilities, protection, and access rights provided by the cryptographic module, thereby allowing an assessment of whether the module will adequately serve the individual or organizational security requirements.