acceptable quality level

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Acceptable Quality Level

The maximum number of defects a product can have to be deemed acceptable to sell to wholesalers or retailers. The acceptable quality level is important in the quality control of a product, especially when it is mass-produced.

acceptable quality level (AQL)

an agreed standard for error-free products. AQLs are often denoted as a percentage, the lower the percentage agreed for errors then the fewer defects allowed in the final product. AQLs are typically applied also to the supply of raw material and components and penalty clauses are incorporated into supply contracts to minimize defective inputs. See ACCEPTANCE SAMPLING, QUALITY CONTROL.
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Performance Standards and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)
In many of the cities in the region, bandwidth from fixed fibre to the home (FttH) and Mobile 4G LTE networks will finally enable both interactive video services and streamed content to be delivered at acceptable quality levels.
And if that's not enough, consider this: "Now even the lowest-priced goods exceed the average acceptable quality levels for most people.
IPEC has already made a significant contribution to the debate by publishing a GMP guide for excipients, a practical authoritative document that not only helps excipient suppliers meet the increasingly stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry, but also makes it easier for pharmaceutical companies to ensure their suppliers are meeting acceptable quality levels.
I am seeing low-volume castings coming in at acceptable quality levels and low costs.
The economics of quality require that management establish acceptable quality levels as performance standards.
It used Military Standard 105-D, originally written for production of military spare parts, in establishing its statistical sampling frame and in setting acceptable quality levels.
Bradford County Canton Borough Authority received a $5,318,670 loan and a $4,012,330 grant to renovate the authority's old and deteriorated wastewater treatment plant in order to bring its discharges into acceptable quality levels and also allow for the expansion of three businesses that will collectively create 221 new jobs and bring almost $40 million in new investment to the area.
Acceptable Quality Levels in the Textile Sector and their Effect on the Level of Competition, Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe, Vol.
The success of a PBSA is highly dependent on the effort and resources invested into monitoring performance by using many sophisticated tools and metrics including performance indicators and standards, quality assurance surveillance plans (QASP), performance requirements summaries (PRS), acceptable quality levels (AQL), and appropriate positive as well as negative incentives.
Emphasize casting quality and develop programs to ensure meeting customers' acceptable quality levels.
Methods such as wave soldering and post-wave soldering are becoming increasingly challenged to ensure through-hole interconnections at acceptable quality levels for complex mixed-technology assemblies.

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