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The NetliOne platform uses several optimization techniques to accelerate these interactions and deliver the performance and scale RIAs require, including optimizing JavaScript and flash execution, intelligently pre-fetching and loading content at the edge to reduce total page-load time, TCP connection management, optimized HTTP requests, and compression.
To address the performance challenges faced by extended enterprise users, the Juniper Application Acceleration Strategy defines a solution for enabling network administrators to accelerate applications for mobile users, partners and customers by securely deploying a WX agent.
We evaluated a number of products and selected Certeon for its ability to accelerate key business applications, and for the long-term value the company's products will provide for improving the user experience, overall manageability and performance of the Energizer network.
Its EtherFabric solution accelerates application performance, and liberates server compute power which combine to elevate business productivity by optimizing the existing IT infrastructure.
USA, designs and produces Tarari Content Processors that accelerate and offload compute-intensive, complex algorithms used in XML/Web Services, Network Security and Digital Media environments.
The company's integrated PeriSphere architecture accelerates application performance, simplifies application rollouts, facilitates data center consolidation, and improves disaster recovery, backup, and regulatory compliance.
Companies, frustrated by the low return on investment from their R&D dollars, need to accelerate the front-end of innovation while also improving the odds of converting an idea into a product.
New Reference-Based Design Approach Accelerates Product Development and Manufacturing
Accelerate Wireless Web Browsing and Enhance Network Performance
SWL accelerates time to success for international and domestic companies by validating market opportunities, crafting go-to-market strategies, implementing programs for market launch and growth, and jumpstarting sales.

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