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1. In law, the process by which one acquires property from another property one already owns. Accession occurs when a produced property automatically belongs to the owner of the producing property. For example, a corn cob grown in a garden accedes to the owner of the corn stalk. Likewise, corn starch belongs to the owner of the original corn from which it was made.

2. In international relations, the process by which a country joins the European Union.

3. See: Acquisition.


The right to own things that become a part of something you already own.When a tenant adds built-in cabinetry or other fixtures to a building,they become the property of the landlord by virtue of accession. Also frequently encountered in the realm of riparian (water) rights, such as new land created by dry river beds or retreating tidal lands.

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The problem of obtaining a VAT registration number in an Acceding Country seems to be especially acute for "foreign" non-established businesses.
TEI is concerned that the continued delay in issuing VAT registration numbers to businesses in the Acceding Countries--and the lack of mechanisms to register non-established foreign businesses in those countries--will prejudice cross-border trade in the months immediately following 1 May 2004.
The Standing Committee on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs has also approved "The Rulers of Acceding States (Abolition) of Privy Purses and Privileges) (amendment) order 1972.
The head of state takes two oaths, one on acceding to the throne, the other at the coronation.
BEIRUT: Lebanon's Senior Shiite cleric Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah stressed the need for equality between men and women, adding that no religious rulings forbids women from acceding to top posts.
North Korean officials told Yeo that they would ''favorably consider'' acceding to the treaty, the daily said.
It recommended that the EC, the Member States, and the Acceding Countries develop transitional rules to ease the administrative burdens on businesses and minimize the potential disruption of cross-border trade by--:
Bishop Ingham, however, warned that acceding to the primates' request could open the floodgates to future demands.
If an insurance carrier suffers, it is not the result of an agency's unreasonable demands, but rather the result of the carrier acceding to such unreasonable demands.
Adoption of the euro, in turn, will promote the integration of the acceding economies with the rest of the euro area.
The Maastricht Treaty lists four convergence criteria; these were applied to the present euro-area countries and will also be applied to the acceding countries.